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Preview of 2018 Punk It Up – historic reunion with original guitarist, John Atrocity

Watch: Historic Proud Scum Reunion!!


Review of 2018 Punk It Up by 13th Floor

Punk It Up – Kings Arms February 17, 2018

First Gig Since 2008 – Punk It Up 2018

Proud Scum are playing at Punk It Up in Auckland on 17th February. Their first gig in a decade.



95BFM Interview on “The Legend Lives On” EP. Aired 22nd August 2013

Jamrag rambling about Sid, Reuben, John Atrocity and crowd sourcing.

Proud Scum are…

AK08 065  AK08 069  AK08 035
Proud Scum at Manor Studios, November 20th 2008.  From left to right, Sid Scum (guitar), Alistair Rabbit (bass), Jonathan Jamrag (vocals) and Bruce Hulk (drums).
Alistair and Sid in the doorway of Zwines night club, November 20th 2008.
Proud Scum hanging out with the Scavengers outside Manor Studio, November 18th 2008.

At various times Proud Scum have included:
John Atrocity (guitar) early 1979
Vince Pinker (bass) most of 1980
Matthew Ellard (bass) a few weeks in 1983

Proud Scum in Sydney

After the fire at the Windsor Castle Hotel (while they were playing) Proud Scum found it difficult to get gigs in Auckland and decided to move to Australia where they thought they’d make it big.
They moved to Sydney in early 1980 and played support to Toy Love – once – upstairs at the Civic Hotel. Then they secured a Saturday afternoon residency downstairs at the Civic where they played to a small following for a few months.
They played their final gig on New Years Day 1981 at the Oxford Hotel.  That was it apart from one gig in 1983 at the Royal Hotel in Chippendale.
Proud Scum may be world famous in New Zealand but in Australia they were a bunch of wannabes who never were.

Proud Scum Rabbit Poster 005

Royal Hotel, Chippendale, 1983.

Best Punk Band

Rabbit PosterProud Scum was a notable punk band in New Zealand punk’s second wave. Proud Scum were formed in Auckland in 1979 and attracted a hardcore punk and bootboy following.

Formed from members of punk bands Rooter and The Atrocities, Proud Scum were: Jonathan Jamrag (Griffiths) (vocals), John Atrocity (Jenkins) (guitar), Alastair Rabbit (Duguid) (bass), and Bruce Diode (Hoffman) (drums). Atrocity left in June 1979 (replaced by Sid Scum).