My mate Sidney was a smashing bloke.
Though he’d wrap a chain around your head for half a can of coke.

This song is in the key of FF, fucking fast.
And it is fast.  So fast that if the guitar and bass get out of sync, as can happen, there is no hope of realigning.  We just play to the end and trust that no one notices because it was all over so fast.
No this is not a song about Sid Scum.  A song about a current band member is too self indulgent even for us.
This is the tale of the legendary Sid Vicious, who tragically died at an early age.

The Track Sid is on the soon to be released CD The Legend Lives On.  It was recorded in Auckland in 2008, mixed in Sydney and is being mastered in Melbourne and printed and copied in Auckland.  This is truly world music.

Proud Scum CD2