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a brief history of Scum in photos

Even before they had a name, even before they had a drummer, they were playing.  Building up their street credibility on the street –  on the footpath of Mt Eden Road, to be exact.
Their first footpath gig featured Reuben on bass and Titch on a makeshift drum kit, with Atrocity on guitar and Jamrag on vocals.
Their second footpath gig, a few months later, featured the full Scum line-up: Bruce on drums, Alistair on bass, Atrocity on guitar and Jamrag on vocals.  Alirat contributed backing vocals and her son Dylan played ukulele.  Not all the passers by were impressed.
Both footpath gigs were broken up by the police.
We only have a handful of shots of Scum at their prime, in 1979, and a few of a Scum reunion in Sydney in 1983, and the print quality of some of these is very poor.  If you have any old Scum photos you’d like to share, please send them in.