I am a Rabbit

Rabbit Poster

You say you’ve met my kind before, that I’m not sexy anymore.
Nor are you…

I am a Rabbit, written by Alistair Rabbit, is the most popular and most successful Proud Scum song ever.
It’s been on every release and rerelease of AK79 since 1979.  It’s been covered by The Lemonheads.  It’s even been used to promote energy drinks and the game of golf.
Who knows what’s next?
Rumour has it there are plans afoot in Hollywood to make the song into a feature film, starring Johnny Depp as the rabbit.

At the time it wasn’t known whether Alistair meant that he was the rabbit who had to have it, or that he was putting words in Jamrag’s mouth suggesting he was the rabbit.  Neither suspected that Bruce was the rabbit.  That even then he was stockpiling billions of hyperactive, hyper-aggressive, red-headed spermatozoa.  And no one knew that the beat of the song would be instrumental in increasing his prodigious procreational skills.

I am a Rabbit was recorded in 1979 and has also featured on the compilation albums Hate Your Neighbours and Get A Haircut, and on the Proud Scum 7″ vinyl EP released by Velvet Tiger in 2008.

AK79 Red (1280x1207)   I am a Rabbit (1280x1280)  Get a Haircut  Hate Your Neighbours (1280x1207)

interesting artwork for I am a Rabbit.  No such record exists. WTF?  Interesting cover art but does any such record exist?