Reuben is coming back.  You’d better watch out all you blacks.
He’s going to stab you in the back.  Coz my mate Reuben’s coming back.

Reuben was a flatmate of John and Alistair at Mt Eden Road, until an altercation with Alistair prompted his hasty departure.
Reuben left a farewell note addressed to Proud Scum, and the band’s name was born.
No one actually saw Reuben for several weeks but rumours spread like wildfire that Reuben was responsible for every break in and mugging in Auckland.  He quickly became a legend.

When Proud Scum moved to Sydney early in 1980, Reuben was already there.
The Hare Krishnas put out a magazine which had an article on the front page about the free vegetarian restaurant they ran in Kings Cross.  Over the caption “drug addicts and homeless people often eat at our free restaurant,” was a photo of none other than Reuben, serving himself a plateful of lentils and rice.

How far he’d fallen in just twelve months: from Legend to homeless drug addict, eating vegetarian Krishna food.

And where is he now?

The Track Reuben is on the soon to be released CD The Legend Lives On.  It was recorded in Auckland in 2008, mixed in Sydney and is being mastered in Melbourne and printed and copied in Auckland.  This is truly world music.