Suicide II

In 1958 Mrs Atrocity lay in agony in a hospital bed. She’d been in labour for three weeks,  when suddenly out popped an ugly little baby boy,  two feet long, weighing three pounds,  with the biggest pair of ears anyone had ever seen.  It was John Atrocity. The next twenty-one years of his life were fairly uneventful  until he joined a band call Proud Scum.   Six months later he decided to leave the band.   But he didn’t. The next twenty-eight years of his life were also fairly uneventful,  until he heard we were doing a reunion gig.   And then, according to Wikipedia,  then he decided to jump off Grafton Bridge.

Suicide II makes history as being the longest Proud Scum song ever – over three minutes – with four verses and a spoken intro.  Such is the vitriol John inspired.  The intro was added just before the song was recorded, as it was felt that a wider audience wouldn’t know who John Atrocity was and might not understand what the song was about. The song is very personal, directed specifically at our ex-guitarist who walked out on the band over a dispute about a cup of coffee – but the frustration it expresses is universal. Within almost every group there is some individual who is uncooperative, uncommunicative, useless, pathetic and so fucking annoying that they’d be doing everyone a favour if they topped themselves – in short, a John Atrocity. There was a case recently in Australia where a woman tried to commit suicide by jumping off Grafton Bridge, in northern NSW, but was rescued from the river by a brave teenager.  Good on him. Auckland’s Grafton Bridge, is far less forgiving.  Once you’re over the edge, there’s no return

Come on John, the time has come.  It’s time to go, now don’t be slow. Come on, jump off Grafton Bridge.

The worse thing is, if you Google Jonathan Jamrag you’ll get about 1,600 listings.  If you Google John Atrocity you’ll get over a million! I MADE HIM THE LEGEND HE IS TODAY.  But who’s the one who gets noticed?

SUICIDE II was recorded in 1980 and was first released as the A side of a 7″ single by Ripper Records, with the Terrorways’ Short Haired Rock n Roll on the other side.  Ripper didn’t have the heart to tell the Terrorways theirs was the B side, so both sides were promoted as A sides – which worked out to be a pretty cool marketing ploy.
Suicide II has subsequently appeared on the compilation albums Move to Riot, It’s Bigger than Both of Us, Hate your Neighbours and the more recent releases of AK79.
A 2008 recording of the song is due for release in the second half of 2013.

Jamrag3 smallish    Hate Your Neighbours (1280x1207)    move to riot (1280x1207)     its bigger than both of us 3   Suicide 2 (1280x1280)