I’m not waiting for the modern world…

There’s not much good you can say about Suicide.  It was written by our nemesis, ex-guitarist John Atrocity, inspired by Warwick Hitler, and his mother, Mrs Atrocity.

Warwick tells me not to fret, twenty years that’s all you get
And then it’s time to take the dive, good bye
Me old mum used to say to me, John boy, see the cemetery
When you’re older son, that’s where you’ll be

He obviously didn’t take the song’s intent seriously as he’s alive and well and living in London.

Suicide was recorded in 1979 and, like I am a Rabbit, has also appeared on every release of AK79, which has apparently, according to Bryan Staff, sold more copies than Dark Side of the Moon.  It also appeared on the compilation album Hate your Neighbours and on the 7″ vinyl EP released in 2008.

Hate Your Neighbours (1280x1207)  AK79 Red (1280x1207)  I am a Rabbit (1280x1280)Grafton_Bridge